Terms and Conditions

Prior to purchasing from the Expand Network Store, please read, understand, and agree with the below. (Any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team) 

1.1 All purchases are final. Refunds can NOT be supplied unless technical issues cause the product to be unprovideable. 

1.2 You may not stop or revert the transaction in any way once it has been paid. (See 1.2)

1.3 We reserve the right to disallow your use of the server, website, or any related content, regardless of donation for any reason. Any misuse of conduct with your product can cause termination of your package. 

1.4 This product is limited to the lifetime of the server, we reserve the right to close the server for any reason. You will be advised before this is the case. 

1.5 Any and all transactions and payments are final, by agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree that you will not charge back any purchases made through Tebex or PayPal to the Expand Network Store.

1.6 We reserve the right to modify any package, regardless of donation for any reason. You will be informed before changes or alterations are made. 

1.7 Your “Expand ID” is character-based, on purchase please ensure the character you’d like the products to be supplied to is selected prior to purchase of the package. This can NOT be altered by Expand Network LTD once purchased

Vehicle Imports

2.1 On the purchase of a 'Vehicle Import', you are only subject to one change per Import.  Any more will have to be confirmed by SLT.

2.2 If you decide to leave, be dismissed by our administration team or become inactive on our server(s) for 2 or more months, we will contact you about your "Vehicle Imports". If we do not receive a response, we reserve all rights to remove your car and pass it on to our dealership or another member. 

2.3 You have the right to reclaim this vehicle but could potentially be shared with another user(s).

2.4 Please be advised your import will have to be purchased via in-game virtual currency. Prices may vary due to the quality or performance of the vehicle. This information will be provided once the vehicle has been authorised.

2.5 Imports MUST be authorized by a member of Senior Leadership at Expand Network.

Donation Cars

3.1 Donation cars are already implemented into the Expand Network server prior to purchase, meaning payment via in-game currency is not required. 

Business Packages

4.1 You will have to pay an additional amount to have your business changed in any way, the prices are as follows:

Please allow up to 7 days to build your package and have it implemented. 

4.2 Any misuse of conduct will cause the business to be shut down. Communication to the purchaser is not required if action is required imminently. 

4.3 All business packages MUST be approved by a member of the Senior Leadership Team at Expand Network before purchasing of the product. 

4.4 We reserve the right to change the business package to ensure quality is provided to yourself and the surrounding members of Expand Network. 

4.5 You MUST provide reasonable notice of cancellation.

MLO Import

5.1 When requesting an MLO import it MUST be authorized by Senior Leadership at Expand Network. 

5.2 Any MLO imports provided to Expand Network Ltd by the purchaser can not be withdrawn once provided. 

5.3 MLOs can be altered if performance is affected by the resource provided by the purchaser.